Sunday, July 11, 2021

Clip Studio

I have been using the same drawing software for... oh my god... when did Photoshop 6 come out? I used it, then got PS 7 when it was out and I've been using PS 7 ever since. Looks like version 8 (CS) started in 2003. So I've been using PS 7 since probably 2001. Now, I haven't been drawing digitally that long. I was using it to color and clean up scans prior to 2008 when I started using a drawing tablet.

Currently I'm testing out Clip Studio Paint. I messed around with Krita and Gimp and a few others but never "used them" to any real degree. But Clip is nice. So far I'm kind of loving it.


  1. Adobe has been doing silly stuff with subscription models. I dunno. It's weird. I don't see sub models working for us moldy oldies, even if we don't want to change, and it seems like the legacy peeps like us are who they are trying to lock in. Are the kids really into paying subscriptions?

    I dunno. I'm on the writing side, and word 365 is the big player there. So I switched to LibreOffice and various text freeware.

    1. I have mixed feelings. My personal preference is to pay for software that is mine forever and never pay again until I want to upgrade. But the model has moved to where you are paying continuously and they are continuously updating. Which... might have its perks. But since I do this mostly as a hobby I can't justify paying a monthly fee. Plus, honestly, Photoshop offers me nothing that I can't get from Clip for a one time fee or from Krita for free.