Friday, December 13, 2019

That RPG Folder We All Have

The digital age! Time of treasures. Time of downloading far more RPG stuff than you can ever possibly read, let alone use.

(Better to have too much RPG than not enough RPG!)

I've been going through my folder and cleaning that shit up. I mean, how am I gonna find a 2 page dungeon crawl written for Advanced Boggarts & Unicorns if I don't have it in the folder with AB&U?

This post is a kind of on-the-fly journal of discovery, wonder, horror, and awe. Lo how many RPG goodies and baddies have I neglected to ever look at, lying and gathering digital dust on my HD? Let's find out.

Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme... a one-page RPG. Roll 2d6 to do stuff. Has an inventory score, which is cool. I guess I would use this for a one-off dungeon crawl in a bar.

Tomb of the Overfiend by Stuart Robertson with map by Matt Jackson. Nice little one-page dungeon for something called "weird west". I don't know what that is, but maybe I'll run across it later. I'd use this for a first adventure in a Barrowmaze-style campaign, if I wasn't going straight up weird west.

The Atlas of Titan is apparently a 380 page massive compilation of maps from Fighting Fantasy's Allansia setting. Put together by Simon Osbourne. That's a metric ton of work for a fan project. But what lovely maps!

One of the great maps in The Atlas of Titan.

Mutants Down Under... pretty sure this was one of those illicit downloads from a dubious website. Anyway, don't you love that fuckin' cover?

A Magical Society Aggressive Ecology: The Slaver Fungus is a name too long to utter. It looks like a book about fantasy fungus by Joseph Browning, the Expeditious Retreat Press guy (he published like ten million OSRIC modules, remember?). Looks pretty cool if you need a funky fungus for your fantasy frolics.

Oh man, this one right here! Azurth Adventures Digest is one of those lovely little ditties that hits me in the feels. The digest format, the comic coloring, the wonderful art and maps by Jeff Call and Jason Sholtis. Just delicious. Plus it's a damn fine looking adventure book written by Trey Causey.

I'd love to run this. I'd also love to mine it and use the stuff inside, such as the cool pirate names table.

Time to scoot. I'll revisit this project later.


  1. Great post. I have an overabundance of rpg things in random badly named folders as well! The titan atlas is awesome

    1. I'm always surprised and impressed when I discover a fan-made project with that much meat on its bones. There was a hefty D&D 4e Adventure Time book on the webs too, all fan-made. I'm sure I'll stumble across it eventually.