Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Supercalla PDF is Live

Supercalla is alive! The PDF is now available for your road rage pleasures.

What's in it?

  • 36 character backgrounds such as Old Lawdog, Long Distance Runner, Trucker, and Three-Eyed Demon Biker
  • Space weapons such as Blas-Tar Boppers, chi destabilizers, and MasSault Atomizers.
  • The Law
  • Space magic
  • Random tables for fun and profit
  • A delicious layout by Matt Hildebrand!
So get your motor running! I suggest listening to Judas Priest, perhaps "Breaking the Law" and "Heading Out to the Highway", to get this party started.

NOTE: There is a print option coming.


  1. I love it! I've posted my initial impressions in the new blog, and will give a more in-depth review once I've had a chance to inflict it's madness upon my players! Very cool stuff here!

    1. Thanks for picking it up and doing the review! I hope you get some milage out of it.

  2. Purchased it and give it a fast read!! I LOOOOOVE IT!!!! Need to buy a print version!! And an expansion too!!

    1. Print version coming soon. Expansion? Definitely on the agenda but not sure when. I'm running a scenario now and I might knock it out into a published adventure when I'm finished.

  3. Heh - "Space Madness!" - I could imagine an effects table:

    1 - My partner Stimpy, I'm sure he's got the Space Madness...
    2 - And I won't be like that astronaut that freaked out at that statue...wait a minute, that was the statue of Liberty...! That was Earth!!!