Thursday, January 8, 2015

Frimmsreach Episode #39



Game Date: 01-05-15
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth

Varlix is dead! But nobberlochs approach in vast numbers. The team flees up through the sarcophagus bottom and back into Varlix’ tomb.

A nasty surprise…just outside the door stands another serpentine figure reading from a scroll that turns to dust in his hands. Nobberlochs surround him, pushing the door closed to seal the victims inside. What magic is this serpentine man working? The tomb seems…changed somehow. Darker. More evil.

Azmooth looses her arrow to no avail, Sparruu uses his red dragon dagger, breathing a cone of flame on his enemies! The nobberlochs are burnt to a crisp and the serpent man feels the heat as well. But he quickly slithers off to escape. Argus slams into the door to keep it open and the crew piles out of the room to engage the enemy as more nobberlochs enter the next chamber from the broken wall outside Varlix’ tomb.

Despite their efforts, Sparruu and Frothgar are unable to hear their gods or feel their presence. No miracles are granted during this fight. The tomb has become sacred to a dark power…Frimm and Miana Musina are unwelcome here!

In the melee a nasty nobber gets its wormy mouth on Argus’ bare chest! That sucks. Now he feels the pain and pressure in his gut as something…nasty…grows inside. This could be bad for our muscled marauder.

Once the nobberlochs are put down and before more can rally the team retreats back through the tomb, through the sarcophagus rooms of Lumix and Rumix. But wait! Lumis is not in his tomb! The snake man…was Varlix’ brother. Could this mean Lumix will seize the title of high priest? What of the Terror Worm?

Up the intrepid heroes go and all the way to the front door. Heave, heave, and the door gives way. The heroes stumble out and back to Bjarn’s store where the fiasco began. Once there, Sparruu feels the presence of Miana Musian again. He prays and is able to heal Arugs, removing the thing growing inside him. The barbarian will live. The cellar door is locked and barred.

But what of Quilliam? What of the village? The night is silent and deep. Snow has fallen nearly 4’. No one is around. Sings of struggle…blood on the floor.

Moving outside, they find a silent village. Bodies lying like humps under the snow. What happened here!?

Moving to a house with a light they discover the healer Aggi Migloden hiding along with two children.

Monsters.” She says. “Many monsters came…took the people, dragging them across the ice…or killing those that fought back.”

This shall not stand!

End of Episode #39

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