Thursday, January 8, 2015

Frimmsreach Episode #38



Game Date: 12-29-14
Cast: Sparruu, Frothgar, Argus, Azmooth

Down in the Tomb of Lost Children the black blood of worms slickens the floors and the smell of foul nobberlochs is never too far away. Alix warns the others that if Varlix is allowed to escape he will fully establish the Shrine of Worms anew and raise the dreaded Terror Worm, eater of villages!

The heroes chew the worm, spit its foulness upon the tomb’s door and the door responds by opening. Cultists are gross.

Inside lies the sarcophagus of Varlix. They examine it closely. The only image on its top is that of a great snake with four black eyes. Alix, the would-be assassin of the high priest, seems to know little about how to actually get the job done. It seems very little real planning went into this venture. Steeling up his nerve, he reaches forth to find a way to open the sealed lid. The risk is high…and he pays the price! A zap of lightning fries poor Alix in an instant and his body is disintegrated!

Reeling from the shock of losing their companion, the intrepid tomb raiders say a prayer for the fallen hero. It is then decided that more investigation is needed. The entire room is closely examined for clues. And one is found…a cryptic notation written into the base of the sarcophagus, barely detectable:

The right hand of Rumix
And the left hand of Lumix
The eyes of Varlix
For the love of the Deep Mother

A plan is made. The diamonds on the lids of the other sarcophagi are harvested and placed in the lid of Varlix to fit into the snake’s dead eyes. The eyes light up, the lid is shoved off. The heroes immediately fall upon the coffin’s occupant with terrible fury!

Sword strokes, prayers to the gods, arrows to the eyes! Varlix drops the false bottom of his sarcophagus to make a hasty retreat into a dark tunnel. The heroes pursue with all intention of ending this evil high priest before he can fully awaken the Shrine of Worms.

Soon the deed is done and the heroes stand victorious. But wait…a horde of nobberlochs approaches from deeper in the cave! Dozens of them…

End of Episode #38

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