Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mace of Blood

In last week's game the party assaulted a raised platform on which an evil ritual was taking place. During the fray the evil elf high priest was slain (cut in half, if I remember correctly) and fell into a bottomless pit...taking this mace with him.

Orgar N'gorg
Mace of Blood

This evil weapon was created to aid in the dark rituals of wicked deities and demons. When in the hands of a good-aligned person it functions as a normal mace but will burn the wielder’s hand, causing 1d4 hit points of damage per round. In the hands of a neutral user it is a normal mace. But in the hands of an evil user it functions as a +2 weapon with two daily powers. First, it allows its user to animate up to 8 HD of skeletons and command them to fight or do menial tasks. The skeletons collapse when destroyed or when 1d4 hours have passed. Second the mace may steal life on a successful hit of 18 or better, granting its wielder a number of hit points equal to the damage dealt. These temporary hit points go away in 1d10 rounds.

The weapon's primary function is its use in ritual. Upon command by an evil Cleric within the context of a prepared ritual the weapon's tongue will become a spike that can be driven into the neck of a living creature who fails to save vs. devices. The spike will drink all the blood of the victim in 1d4 rounds, killing it. The blood filling the mace's skull head can then be used to fulfill the requirements of the most vile ritual magic. The mace can hold the blood of up to 13 human-sized victims.

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