Sunday, October 19, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #25



Game Date: 09-29-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Frothgar, Argus
Supporting Cast: Quilliam, Skat, Silverchain

The team is in an expansive natural cavern. The ceiling is frozen and icy while the floor is wet and rocky. It’s getting warmer down here…

Exploration reveals more small holes in the ceiling. Strange critters live there. Best not awaken them!

At the far end of the cavern is a gap in the floor. Ice on the wall, rock on the floor, and a draft. And sounds! Marching feet. There’s something down there. A bit of divine ice magic from Frothgar, servant of Frimm, and an opening is created wide enough to crawl through.

This leads them to rocky hall with stairs. One direction leads into darkness, the other down several flights of 15’ wide steps. Each flight is punctuated by flanking statues of snakes with the torsos of men. This bodes ill…

Carefully the team makes its way down. The intrepid sneaky gnomes figure out the traps. Spiked floors that can be disabled by tickling under the statue’s armpits. And so they go down, down to a set of double doors. On the other side can be heard sinister chanting.

Frothgar summons 4 dwarven spirits and Silverchain, drawing on power she didn’t know she had, summons a warrior spirit of the ancient world. The spirits open the door, sending darts flying left and right. But our heroes didn’t just fall off the turnip wagon…they were well out of harm’s way.

Through the doors is a great, tall chamber at least 200’ wide and deep. In the center is a massive black pit with 4 sets of stone steps leading up to its center where a raised platform sits atop a column of stone. On the platform are robed figures in black and red, chanting. But from either side of the door come cyclopean orc guards! Battle is joined…

End Episode #25

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