Sunday, June 16, 2024

Artists I Like: Jim Roslof

Yet another great artist, and another entry into the list that had a huge influence on me: Jim Roslof!

Roslof became a TSR staff artist in 1979. I know his work primarily from Legends & Lore (formerly called Deities & Demigods). He illustrated various mythos in that book and the ones that struck me the most were his contributions to the Finnish and the Greek, and of course his larger pieces such as the incredible Thor image from the Norse pantheon.

What I loved about his work was how the lines flowed wildly, like gesture drawings. Consider his drawing of Ahto or Aphrodite. Notice how some of the lines are incomplete, the inking almost chaotic. But it holds together perfectly and delivers a powerful form.

Ahto from the Finnish Mythos

Aphrodite from the Greek Mythos

Cover art for Lathan's Gold

Meilikki from the Finnish Mythos

Thor from the Norse Mythos


  1. One of my faves from way back when. Really liked his stuff in the Dungeoneers Survival Guide as well. Always looked forward to Roslof art.

    1. Definitely one of the heavy hitters of the era!

  2. Roslof had such a way of using every inch of space given to him to set a scene and keep it dynamic and interesting to the eyes.