Saturday, April 13, 2024

Saturday Morning Art Rumble 4

Roll for initiative!

Ok... selecting 5 drawings at random to see which one holds this week's crown... GO!





For Goodman Games. ♥♥

This week was really hard! I got 3 results that I rated 4 stars. How the hell did that happen?

Well, that space port drawing is slated to be the cover for my sci-fantasy RPG ZSF, if I ever manage to finish it. I love that drawing. Then there's the lovely nude space girl who I also love. And then there's the Rat Queen map for Black Pudding... which I also love. How do resolve this??

d20 vs. d20 vs. d20. GO.

Space Port gets 13, Space Booty gets 14, Rat Queen gets 16.

Ok. Does Space Booty get a Charisma bonus? arguably, fuck yes. +3. But I find that if I go that route I'll be giving all the pin-up art a boost. It's just not fair, is it?

No mods. Raw dice rolls. This week's winner is Rat Queen!

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