Saturday, November 20, 2021

BX Wizard Revised

I posted about this before. I've used a version of this class in play and I feel like this iteration is closer to what a B/X wizard should be. So for my B/X games I'll be using the Wizard to replace the ole Magic-User. Why?

More cool options for low level play - which is where most of my gaming takes place.

How is this different from the standard MU?

1. An extra spell at level 1.
2. More versatility in spell levels you can memorize.
3. Ability to use weapons and armor in a sensible way beyond "you can't use that".
4. Putting magical research and potion making front and center so the players will actually USE them.
5. Some immediate weirdness... a minor magical item, reaction roll penalty, etc.
6. Combining MU and Cleric spells because I honestly don't care about Clerics at all. I don't need them.

Note that this Wizard can only memorize a spell once at a time. So they cannot be a healbot with multiple Cure Light Wounds.

I'm open to arguments for why this iteration of the Wizard is broken. I might have a blind spot so I appreciate feedback. This will likely end up in whatever Yria setting book I end up publishing.

Some of this was inspired by Stuart Robertson's old B/X Witch class, which I really adore.

EDIT: A hero in comments pointed out some errors so I fixed 'em. Hopefully better now.


  1. Not a bad idea, but I think your AC rules for casting have "unintended consequences". As written, even a naked person has a harder time casting spells the better their Dexterity gets, and "lighter" magical armor could easily be more hindering than heavy normal armor.
    (Also, your HD get wonky after name level but I'm sure that's just column fill shenanigans)

    1. Oh yeah! Thanks for the sharp eye. Totally a column fill thing, I did the corner drag.

      Also, good catch on AC. I think adding language to say "not counting Dex" would fix it. All I mean is that if you have armor that gives you AC 12 then you'd need to roll above 12 to cast in it. If you're not wearing any armor then you obviously wouldn't need to make a roll to cast.

      Regarding light magical armor... it doesn't bother me. My point isn't to penalize based on the armor weight, necessarily. I'd be OK with chain +3 causing you more of a problem than normal plate mail.

      Now to go fix that damn HD column..

  2. Dope.
    The illustration reminds me of Ley Line Walkers from RIFTS. I like wizards being weird and scary, rather than bent old geezers or neeeeerds.

    1. I'm working on a 64 page B/X playbook where this class will appear. Odds are I'll change something between now and when I finish. So easy to fiddle with this system.