Saturday, September 12, 2020

GOZR Creatures

Here's a sample of the creatures from GOZR. Still a work in progress, but the stat block is very simple.

THREAT: This number ranges from 0 to 7+. It is the number of times the creature can make additional attacks or other actions or force re-rolls.

DEF: Defence is the number subtracted from damage. Always a minimum of 1 point dealt on a hit.

HP: Hit points.

SIZE: Small, gooz, large, giant, and huge. The creatures of this world will lean to the large size. Lots of megafauna. Also, creatures are assumed to be of animal intelligence. Intelligent monsters are not a thing, generally. But you can get some interesting behavior just looking at the animal world.

DMG: How many hit points of damage dealt per attack. Generally based on size, but varies.

Beyond that, I'm avoiding an obligatory description as each will have art. Instead, just going to include some bullet point notes about behavior, special attacks, defenses, etc. I'm also including tables for creating creatures on the fly.


  1. I dig the Threats number/mechanic. A lot!

    1. Cool beans. I thought it was a fairly simple way to represent power/importance of creatures. Like, you can have a weak creature with 1 HP that doesn't deal much damage but maybe has a high Threat. So the weak creature is quick, skillful, or has magic that allows it to be a huge pain the butt.

  2. I like creating creatures on the fly. Fun stuff.

    I'm doing a lot of giant normal animals and manimal things, so with younger players they already have an idea what a thing is. Like, a Wagon Sized Snapping Turtle, they know what that is. A Lizardman, or Wolfman. Dog Sized Earthworm. Horse Sized Centipede. Stuff like that.

    You can roll those up pretty easy I think.

    Lol, size chart:
    1. Cat
    2. Dog
    3. Man
    4. Horse
    5. Wagon
    6. House

    Beastman Type [Use TMNT RPG for ability ideas]:
    1. Lizard
    2. Wolf
    3. Goat
    4. Fish
    5. Cat
    6. Pig