Saturday, August 1, 2020

Blogger Ch-ch-changes

So we're going to be forced to use the new Blogger interface. For the record, I hate it. You click on "create new post" at the top right and you're taken to the main page where you have to click "new post" again. In the Japanese auto industry this is called "muda" or waste.

In the old version, I could click on edit after I publish and then be taken straight into the post to make changes. Now I click edit and I'm taken to the dashboard where I have to "revert to draft" and then edit. Muda. Waste.

When you typed a label in the old version it just worked. Now you type it, click it, then you have to type over it to do the next one?? Or choose from a list, I guess. SUCK ME.

Those are my biggest gripes. The other stuff is just that things look a little different on the dash. And yeah yeah yeah, things change. I know. But I'm really grumpy about it. I get used to using a tool and I just want to use the tool. I don't want to change the tool. But I can relax on this one... things change and we roll with the changes. Stagnation is bad.

But muda is fucking annoying. Fuck your extra clicks, Blogger.


  1. I opted into the "try the new blogger!" thing early and have constantly been running into these annoyances. I let them keep stinging me until I accidentally deleted a whole post when I did something the interface wasn't expecting and I fully rage-quit. Now I just make the whole post in a distraction-free writer offline and then copy the html into blogger when I'm done.

  2. I've been using Blogger since 2005. I make extensive use of tagging and have about 8000 of them now. The new interface has a limit of 5000, which is disappointing, but hey-ho. How does it deal with my over-the-limit quantity? Freeze it and prevent me from adding more? That would be sensible. But oh no. No no no. Instead I get a continuous pop-up warning telling me the limit is 5000 and I can't save any edited content. As far as I can see there is literally no way I can address this from inside the new interface.