Thursday, December 29, 2016


Fighters don't need much. Their great strength is in their lack of limitations. They can use any weapon, wear any armor, and they have the best attack rolls in the game.

But hey... here are some bennies for fighters that kinda make sense to me.

Cleave or Combat Dominance: Kill a bastard, make another attack. Limit equals level.

Attack and Attack Again: At level 9 you get 2 attacks per round.

Weapon Focus: You practice your ass off and gain +1 to hit and damage with a single type of weapon.

The Vera Rule: You can forgo the weapon focus advantage and pick an actual, single, specific weapon item that you love oh so much and oil it and clean it and lick it... and gain +2 to hit and damage with that specific weapon. You MUST use a weapon for 1 full level before you can rightly name it as your Vera... so don't lose it.

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