Saturday, June 12, 2021

GOZR Character Sheet

Here's the first pass at a GOZR character sheet. I think I got all the major elements and kept it very simple.

CUN = Cunning
MAG = Magic
PRO = Prowess
GOOZ = Points you spend to do amazing shit.
Hit Points = duh
Natural Def = Unarmored Defence, like toughness and dodging.
Armor = duh
DEF = Defence, which you subtract from damage.
Talents = Things you're good at, like having a third arm.
Background = Secondary skill type thing.
Deed = Something cool you did before play begins.
Needs = Things you need to do, like find your brother or an antidote.
Armor+Weapons+Stuff = Duh
Money = How many tossers you got?
Ammo = Tracking bullets. Don't @ me, I like this shit.
Lucky Rolls = Keeping track of 'em.

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