Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Supercalla Cover Art

As I said once or twice, I'm writing a Troika! space fantasy setting. At first it was to be called Zoa, which is kind of a larger broader title. Then I went with Hellion Cross, to focus on one little region. Then I shifted a bit and now it's a space highway called the Supercalla. Hellion Cross, being a large location on the highway, may get its own book later.

Anyhow... here's the cover art! I really loved drawing this one. It's one of those examples of an idea popping into your head fully formed and then falling down on the page without much effort. And I like that.


  1. Looking forward to this! I hope it's as madcap and wondrous as it sounds! I for one could use the break a hearty bit of escapism provides!

  2. This project sent me on a Science Fantasy kick, down the rabbit hole I went through DCC's Purple Planet, Carcosa, etc. But on Drivethrurpg I came across a project that I think you might really like!

    Looking it over it's definitely on the sexier side of OSR products. The art is hit or miss but its entirely illustrated by the author which I always love to see.

    1. Oh yeah! He's been working on that project for a long time, posting little bits here and there. I didn't realize the book was out. Definitely something I'd like to pick up!