Sunday, April 15, 2018

R&R: Ready and Willing

Here's a new Rabbits & Rangers drawing for the upcoming project. This was based on a sketch that  had been sitting around for at least 3 years, maybe more. I had actually started inking it over a year ago and finally sat down and knocked it out this morning. Turned out pretty cool, I think.

I don't like predicting what I'll do in the future because I'm constantly changing my mind and in the end what I do is what I end up doing. Hell, that's what Black Pudding is... just the stuff I do, not the stuff I planned to do. There's a difference. If I did all the stuff I planned to do I'd be the most prolific creator in history.

This drawing made me think about flying rules, which I cover fairly well in the current book. I am going to re-write that section to make it simpler, less fiddly. But the point is simple. A bird character can't fly and carry their normal amount of equipment. The bird in this drawing cannot fly without doffing their cloak, at least. I say in the book that you can hold one small item and still fly. So the staff would be out too. But I'm considering some ways in which a flying caster could still fly with a staff, as part of the fabric of the setting. Like a spell or special skill they learn. I'm not sure yet.


  1. Here's the thing with flying... raptors can pick up small animals and fly off with them quite readily. Other birds carry large sticks and bundles of grass to make their nests.

    I see no reason a humanoid bird couldn't carry a staff or sword, and even wield it while flying. Heck, in Flash Gordon the Hawk People wore leather armor and wielded swords, maces, and laser guns. Similarly, Hawk Man and Hawk Woman in DC comics wield huge weapons, wear light armor, and still fly very proficiently.

    Everyone seems to think that being winged breaks some sort of balance. Sure, it is an awesome ability, but nerfing it just to "balance" things isn't right at all.

    Funny thing with 5E is that low-level druids cannot take on a form of an animal that flies or swims... not even a sparrow or a fish. It seems that 5E does not account for flying or swimming in their challenge level ratings. Which says much about the value of those challenge ratings...

    1. Hey thanks for the comments.

      I agree that the flier shouldn't be totally nerfed, and I'm not going to do that. However, practical limits should apply even for cartoon critters. These are cartoon birds, which means they don't have regular hands + wings. They just have wings, which mimic hands as needed. So in flight if they are carrying anything in one hand then that is a wing and it would be at least slightly compromised.

      Flying is a really big benefit too. Not just a minor one. I ran a playtest in which the PCs approached a ruined keep. There was no roof. So the guy playing a crow simply flew over and was able to get an accurate lay of the topside of the keep, including the positions of any potential enemies that were not well hidden. I knew this was a possibility going in so it didn't cause me any DM stress.

      In a world with lots of fliers these things would be accounted for. I think I discuss it in the book in the back section on running the game. For example, pit traps, which certainly still useful against most characters, would be useless against all fliers. So when you're laying traps to defend your lair in a R&R world you would think of this and maybe include some nets or something.

      (In fact, I just had an idea for thin, nearly invisible netting that would be used for just such occasions!)

    2. Ah, I see the issue there, then. Yes, with the wing ALSO being the arm/hand, that would cause more difficulty.

      A number of literary fantasy worlds where flying creatures are relatively common have shown adaptation as you describe. In a world where warriors ride the backs of giant birds, for example, adapted just as you mention, but on a city-wide scale, with metal netting protecting the skies above, strung from tower to tower or pole to pole.

    3. Gotta stop them pesky fliers somehow!

  2. Awesome! Ive been waiting for this!