Saturday, August 6, 2016



AC 6 [13]; HD 2; DMG 1d6 or spell; MV 30; SV 15; ML 9

These black-garbed, frowning men are fixed points of moral authority in a world of sinful magic. They will always try to eliminate magic where it is found. They can detect magic within 20’ on a 3 in 6 roll. On a result of 4, they are convinced magic is present even if it is not.

Wytchfynders issue a divine decree that stuns the target for 1d6 rounds on a failed save. They may draw a magic circle trap around a subdued target. No one can break the circle from the inside unless they cast Dispel Evil or Wish, but it can be broken easily from the outside. The exorcism process takes 1d6 turns and deals 1 point of damage per round per wytchfynder. At the end, the victim must pass a saving throw or else be compelled to confess all sins (real or imagined) and be unable to use magic of any kind. By questing to reverse this damage and earning at least 1000 XP in the process the magical ban can be lifted.

Wytchfynders use sabers in combat and may cast 3 first level cleric spells per day. They are easily fooled by illusions and have a -3 penalty to save against them.

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  1. I find their ability to detect non-existent magic hilarious.