Saturday, November 14, 2015

Doomslakers House Rules 1

The first page of my BX/LL house rules for the Doomslakers Adventure Journal project. And by the way, the Doomslakers Adventure Journal will be the collection of various hand-written and drawn pages of rules, monsters, classes, and so forth that will eventually emerge from a fevered and disorganized brain.

Enjoy. Your comments and criticisms are welcomed.


  1. Can you use Luck to negate fumbles? Because fumbles look way to fun to let luck ruin!

    Damage Explosion is CRAZY! Is that only for the pc's? Because the party faces far more damage dice than any npc ever will! Good Lord! I guess the death save once per even will help but GEEZ! Love the idea but Dead PC make me secretly sad. Don't ever tell them I said that! Also I don't mind race as class but my players HATE it. Mostly cause they never see a bunch of demi-human only races.

    Like they should have class's without level limits that are not open to humans. not better than human class's just different.

    1. I put no qualification on the re-roll for luck. So yeah, at my table you can re-roll a natural 1. But honestly it seems like players prefer to hold onto their precious luck until they sense that they are in the climactic moments of the session. Which is totally fine by me since luck was intended to help boost dramatic moments like that.

      The exploding dice apply to all damage. It sounds brutal but in practice it doesn't have a giant impact, especially if the PCs are beyond first level. Though it CAN make for a really tough night.

      Race-as-class is one of those polarizing issues. I totally sympathize with the players who hate it. They just wanna play classes of their choice and they just like playing a variety of races. It's the idea of "choice" that bugs them. They dislike being limited.

      But race-as-class is a part of classic D&D. Even in OD&D you had strict limits on what classes a demi-human could take. In my games I do often include alternate racial classes, such as a type of dwarf cleric and an elf that focuses only on magic.

      But race-as-class reflects the fact that elves and dwarves and all the other non-humans are not human. They don't share the human need for variety and choice. Or the pressures of their racial heritage funnel them more narrowly into a single class type.

      And I always tell my players that if you go to an elf homeland or a dwarf underground city or something like that you're going to see a bigger variety of these types of people...but those are not the types that go out and join adventuring parties.