Monday, November 9, 2015

Magic House Rules

Part of the Doomslakers Adventure Journal project...


  1. Awesome! Thank you! I've never really liked the traditional Vancian fire-and-forget rules (Gasp! Heretic!). DCC RPG magic rules look like fun, but I don't want that many tables. Spell points...yeah, okay, but I don't want to track any more things. BUT THIS! Oh yeah, baby! Thank you! It's neat and compact and has that randomness that I like (the more dice, the better). You mention and spell failure table online...did you have one in mind (I like the d10. Maybe I would use a d12 just because d12's don't get enough love. Or a d30 'cause I have one). Thanks again, JV!

    1. Thanks! I have a d100 table I cooked up for my own use. I'll post it up here later. There are also plenty online, I assume. Even 5e has a nice magical weirdness table!

  2. Great stuff!! Exactly the kind of fun-adding mod GM's and players look for. Thanks!

  3. Another post just knocked out of the park! Loved it! Loved that you kept it short simple with style! Can't wait to read your take on divine magic!

    Also I would love to get your take on some type of Megadungeon idea!