Saturday, October 16, 2021

Intuos 4 Love Bomb

In 2009 the Intuos 4 graphics tablet was released to the masses and I got one. It was my second tablet after starting with a small Bamboo. Since 2009 I have used two tablets: the Intuos 4 and an XP-Pen Artist 16 pen display tablet. My experience with the XP-Pen is shitty. The hardware was OK but the drivers... holy shit they were terrible. Constantly crashing, freezing, losing pressure sensitivity, etc.

After using the XP-Pen for less than 6 months I said fuck this piece of shit and I dug out my trusty Intuos 4. It felt like an old friend returned to me in a time of need. This tablet is a god damn workhorse. I have used it for a solid decade to create almost every piece of art you've seen from me during that time and it shows no signs of slowing down. No dead spots that I can detect, the pen is absolutely pristine, no worries at all. I assume the buttons on the side still work but honestly I'm a keyboard guy so I don't even touch those buttons. I have my work habits and I'm a bit unwilling to change. Insert old man yells at cloud meme here.

The Intuos 4 never crashes. It works seamlessly with my ancient machine. Losing pressure sensitivity is extremely rare and seems to be more related to my drawing software than the tablet. And look at those nibs! They are all in perfect condition. Hell, I have used the same nib on this damn thing for years at a stretch. I mean... they don't really wear down, do they? If your nibs wear down maybe you're murdering your tablet?? Ease up.

Anyway. Love my tablet. I will eventually upgrade, probably when this machine finally chokes up its last gasp. But for now we're good.


  1. Ever thought of getting a drawing screen one? I don't know what they are called, touch screen maybe?

    I saw Hankerin/RuneHammer drawing on one and it looked pretty cool.

    I have a Bamboo, but I'm not better with it than I am with mouse. I need more practice.

    1. They're generally called pen display tablets or something to that effect. Cintiq is the premiere high end version, which is from Wacom. I did use a XP-Pen Artist 16 pen display tablet for a brief period but it was buggy and crashed all the time. Currently it's fulfilling some purpose as a second monitor but I'm drawing on my Intuos 4.

      When I do finally upgrade, I will probably move to a display tablet. Though honestly I'm super comfortable drawing on an old fashion tablet so I don't feel any urgency to change.