Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Cozmic Metal Heads

After much pondering and noodling and doodling, I finally decided that my robot game idea is really multiple ideas and one of them is a Troika! based romp kit about robots. And that's what I decided to focus on right now.

So, Cozmic Metal Heads will be a 48 page follow-up to Supercalla, set in the same universe and referencing some of the material in that book. This is in alignment with my original idea to create a series of these things all set in a universe known only as the Cozmos, or the Coz for short. I've been working on it pretty relentlessly these past few days and making excellent progress. Right now I'm neck-deep in writing the d66 Robot Models (Backgrounds). And, of course, finishing the robot art.

The deeper ideas I had for this are obviously going to make it into some other project later. I have ideas about how being a robot character means you can truly transform yourself over the course of a campaign. How would adding a shoulder canon alter the very nature of a robot designed to be a diplomat? I think that's fucking interesting.

I am not sure I'll dive into any of that in the Troika! book. Keeping to 48 pages with 36 robot models will be tight enough.

More later.


  1. "My Asimov circuits are fried, but firing my shoulder cannon was the most appropriate solution to establishing a functional protocol for the first contact situation we were in!"

    1. Hah. Life makes it hard for this protocol droid to fulfill its primary function.

  2. You find this creation
    trying to repair another DREADNOUGHT that it doesn't realize is too far gone.

    It is programmed to
    provide translation services to any sentient beings it sees.

    It is
    an uncannily almost-perfect representation of an average human.

    It is armed with
    buzzsaw arms that throw their buzzsaws like boomerangs.

    It is upgraded with
    a holographic projector that creates copies of itself/things it sees.

    Long ago, it
    failed in its primary purpose and had a crisis of self-worth.

    Courtesy of

  3. Influenced by a few of your Black Pudding Character Classes, I'm putting together a d66 of my own classes for my Adventure of the Week style RPG. Diva, Ninja, Which Witch, Wrassler, and Barbarian (with the thick skin AC for going shirtless) are all in there.