Sunday, September 22, 2019

Blas-Tar Field Agent

Here's #15 on the Backgrounds table for the Troika! setting book that I'm currently writing. Working title for the project as of now: Hellion Cross!

15. Blas-Tar Field Agent

You had one dream: blow stuff up and get paid doing it. Well congratulations! You’re living the dream as a rep for Blas-Star, one of the most popular arms manufacturers in the Coz. Each day you get to travel with customers and explode stuff, followed by paperwork and Dramurian rotgut. And you like it... maybe a little too much?

-2d6 Blas-Tar Boppers
-Blas-Tar Blas-Ter blaster
-1 random Blas-Tar demo item (1-2 Blas-Ter, 3 QuEF [Quantum Entangled Fist], 4 Pulsed Plasma Pistol, 5 Pulsed Plasma Rifle, 6 experimental Blas-Tar Bopper)
-Company credit card
-Standard issue company saber

Advanced Skills:
4 Knowledge: Blas-Tar Corporation
4 Demolitions
1 Pistol
1 Sword
2 Smooth Talk
2 Corporate Connections

You can use your corporate connections skill to secure demo products, travel accommodations, and diplomatic immunities (where recognized). But only when corporate bothers to return your pages.

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