Monday, December 25, 2017

D&D in Two Distinct Flavors!

I made up these fake ads for giggles. I guess this represents exaggerations of two distinct styles of playing D&D. One is the "fantasy Vietnam" approach, where death is frequent and randomness is king. The other is the "kid gauntlets" approach where death is not on the table and players dictate what they want.

Of course the truth for most gamers is between these extremes. I tend to run my D&D games leaning toward the Dragons & Dragons approach, but not entirely ruthless at all. I tend to dislike the Dungeons & Dungeons approach because it seems to rob the game of its teeth, which is a big reason I love playing. I want my PC to actually die if the dice fall that way. Otherwise I'll go play a story game where I can get the creative effect I want in what is probably a far better way.

But that's just me. Either way, I hope these are at least chuckleworthy.

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  1. You rolled a "1" for your saving throw, you are dead....extremely, utterly, permanently dead.