Saturday, June 18, 2016

DCC RPG: Wizard Character Sheet

This was inspired by Jeff Easley's iconic Dungeon Master's Guide cover. This is, I think, the first DCC sheet I've done for anything other than level 0 characters.

PDF here.


  1. May I just say how nifty-keen your stuff is? I definitely would buy the Doomslakers RPG if it ever comes out - for some reason the hand-written text makes me happy; it's one of the reasons I love Human Occupied Landfill so much.

    1. I have plans. Evil evil plans. But I don't know what final form they will take. Stay tuned...

  2. For Real... I've spent way too much printing out Doomslakers stuff! I love your art and love your work on the game! Please keep it up

  3. Any chance you'll be doing any of these for Mutant Crawl Classics, James?

    This one's awesome!