Saturday, December 5, 2015

DCC Mood

I'm usually thinking about BX or Labyrinth Lord but lately I've had DCC RPG on the brain. I've been running it with fair regularity since I bought the boss wizard cover rulebook in 2013 (2014?). I guess all told I've ran about 30 sessions with maybe 6 or 7 of those being funnels. Among the official adventures and third party adventures I've ran Sailors twice, Hole in the Sky, Portal Under the Stars twice, Escape From the Purple Planet, Ruins of Ramat, and one of the Sunken City adventures. All great fun!

Right now I'm in the middle of a campaign for my local group and they all just hit level 3 after finally escaping the Lost Pyramid on the Purple Planet. I basically took B4: the Lost City and molded it into a Purple Planet adventure. At first I was just subbing kith for the various factions but very quickly I took the whole thing in my own direction and abandoned most of the content of B4 and most of the Purple Planet material. I used B4's maps and invented a death orm cult lead by a half-kith-half-human priestess (with no actual powers) who the players slew in the last adventure.

The orm they worshiped was a well. It looked like a well, anyway. It's mouth was the ring and its gullet the shaft. It required greenstones to animate and upon animation it could potentially be controlled by a powerful enough wizard making a good enough spellcheck.

The party wizard, who is well known for hiding and not casting spells, managed to gain control of the orm after replacing the last greenstone. The orm turned out to be the mysterious "Ship of Stars" and could navigate the astral plane, taking the PCs as passengers. Thus they were able to make it home.

Upon reaching home the orm was in its death throes, being an ancient and weakened worm. But the wizard scored a nat 20 on a check to regain full control and managed to steer the dying beast to the ground without the DC 15 Ref saves I was going to require to avoid the 6d6 points of damage from the inevitable crash.


Good game. Fun times. DCC is a blast to run.


  1. I loved DCCRPG when we ran it but man oh man after a while I HATED all the charts. Every crit= chart time! Every fumble=Chart Time! Every spell= Chart time! Every every Mighty Deed= Chart time! Learning a new spell=chart time! Chart Time CHART TIME!

    Pant Pant..........too much Chart Time!

    The game would have been sooo much better with no charts or easy simple ones.

    I also hated the 1-10 levels instead of the 1-20. I's really the same range..just less levels but....people didn't like that part of it.

    1. The complaint about too many tables is valid. I have the same problem at times. I think the game's intent was to embrace the old school tables and encourage Judge's to invent new ones. Which they often do. But reliance on the core tables seems very important for some reason.

      You know, now that you mention it, I NEVER use the Mighty Deeds tables. The warriors and dwarves of the group might kill me when they realize those things are in there.

  2. Yeah EVERY single attack for multiple characters was Mighty deed this-Look up chart! Mighty Deed That-Look up chart. Oh wait that deed isn't in there it's in this add on list of mighty deeds..what page was that again?

    WAY to much Chart Madness! Now I know a few people who just started to chop it all down, no crit tables just roll a D3 and X your damage by that much, No Fumbles- you just lost the next attack, No funky rolling for every spells side effect but really at that point ...why don't they just play BX?

    1. Yeah, you need the spell tables or else it's not really DCC.

      My use and understanding of Mighty Deeds is far less rigorous. I allow players to invent whatever kind of funky action move they want and I will either assign a DC to the Deed Die or I'll give the target a saving throw. What I've noticed is that players like to go for the blinding, beheading, or knocking prone more than anything. If its a minor opponent and they hit a 3 on the Deed Die I'll allow a beheading. Why not? It's epic fun action.

      But if the enemy is tougher I'll set the Deed Die higher and/or grant a saving throw vs. the face value of the d20 roll. Or something like that.

      I always assumed the Mighty Deeds tables were there as suggestions only.

      Also, I've heard of a lot of Judges winging it on the spell results. So instead of using the spell chart, which I said was important above, they just wing an answer. You rolled 21? Bam! Spell does x and x and x.