Saturday, September 5, 2015

Witch Character Class

Here's another version of the witch. I tried to jam every single witchy thing into this class that I feel like it needed. It's not as simple and elegant as I planned but then again witches are complex individuals, right?

For the record, yes witches can and do cast magic-user spells exactly like a magic user. I tried to indicate this in the text but it seems a bit unclear.


  1. The thought of a witch flying around in a cauldron is hilarious and amazing.

  2. Can you clarify the rhymes ability a little?

    1. Not too much. Its meant to be loose. The DM would have final say, but basically if the player comes up with a little rhyme that fits the situation they can have a minor magical effect. Example: Party is trapped in a room with water filling it up from a pipe in the ceiling. Witch player says "Rising water falling down break this door on to the ground!" The DM might then have the door bust open. But the catch is that the witch can't just use the same ones over and over...she has to come up with new ones.