Saturday, May 2, 2015


Yeah, so the Labyrinth Lord campaign I ran I did this weekly episode notes thingie. I'm not doing that with DCC. I started out that way but rolled a 1 on my spellcheck.

Here's what's going on in the campaign in a nutshell:

The PCs are working for a devil woman named Hella Nor. One PC, named Oryx, has taken Hella as a patron to his wizardly ways. Hella has sent the PCs on a couple of missions to reclaim her lost crystal balls.

In the second mission to retrieve a ball they ended up on a magical ship that dropped them on a purple planet. Trapped in a prison beneath an arena of warring kith the PCs freed a witch named Irene and piloted another ship off the purple planet. Things went awry and now they have crashed and are stranded on a hostile jungle island in an unknown world.

The meta plot seems to be unraveling the doings of the War Wizard, who seems to have more tombs and ruined fortresses than you can shake a lightning spear at. And the few PCs who survive from the funnel know that their entire memories prior to that first adventure are somewhat suspect. It seems they lived in a bottle city, possibly because of the machinations of the War Wizard or a mysterious figure known as the Mind Master.

Current roster of characters:

Artifus (level 2 botten): Once a brave squire named Ammet, Artifus died in the War Wizard's tomb and was brought back to life through sorcerous science as a cyborg...a botten!

Oryx (level 2 wizard): The son of the ill-fated heavy drinking monk Voss, Oryx has become a fanatical devotee of Hella Nor and...unfortunately...a terrible wizard whose spellchecks never seem to break 7. He is the PC most likely to die, by all reasonable measures. Yet he lives on...

Parsley (level 2 cleric): This happy-go-lucky girl doesn't have an ability score higher than her shoe size but she was chosen by Shul, god of the moon, to be his earthly troubadour. Hey...she killed the Master of Eyes almost by herself.

Jo Bobbius (level 2 ranger): Not too bright, not too strong...this ranger's arrows strike true.

Billy Bobbius (level 2 druid): Nearly as smart as his brother, the druid feels nature in his veins and possibly other body parts.

Bishop (level 2 warrior): This sea-faring salty dog hitched a ride on the ship that carried the PCs away from the destruction of the underground ziggurat of the Master of Eyes. He's tough and has a way with the ladies (ships).

Smoke (level 2 thief): She's tough as nails and silent as a mouse. She's thick and smokey and badass...can she keep these other guys alive on the island of certain death?

Cezra (level 2 paladin): He's got a strange and storied past and a zealous devotion to the ways of mighty Cthulhu. His paladin's blade strikes true against the enemies of his god!

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