Thursday, May 20, 2021

GOZR Cover Art

I have been working. Here's the cover art for GOZR, posted right here for the first time. And exclusive to the blog! I managed to get this exclusive from myself and it wasn't easy. I can be a real asshole to deal with.

I like it. This is the vibe. This works. I was dreading doing the game's cover because I didn't know what to draw. I could dream up some fantastic scene and that would be fine but this is the "core" book with the rules so the cover kinda needs to say "play me". And I think this does.

Current status is the game is mostly finished but still will have to get some editing and stuff. So I find it hard to say I'm "almost done". In terms of pages, I have 90% of it finished. I'm working on an intro page, a page detailing map entries, index page, and character sheet. Then that will wrap it up.


  1. Looks good! Does say "play me" to my eyes. I'm looking forward to seeing this....some of your other pieces show you have a real passion for it and a solid vision of the world and how it feels

  2. Who wouldn't want to be these guys?

  3. Whoa - wherever you go in the room, th-they're staring at you...