Saturday, May 2, 2020

Monster Attack!

Monster Attack!

Yeah, that's a pretty generic name. But this one was all about drawing and not about thinking. I don't know who she is or what they are. I don't know the setting. The entire story can be read from the visual clues:

A cute adventurer in inappropriate garb ends up in a tunnel/dungeon wherein things have died and monsters lurk. She is perhaps being chased by a green-skinned meanie who is stuck behind a pesky gate in the background. Did she slam the gate on it? Meanwhile, its partner, who I named Greenboy the Grinning Grabber (like, just this instant), has found an alternate route to the delicious meal-on-two-legs and is about to chomp down. Unless she's just a badass with that knife. Is it a magic knife? Dunno.

I've been in a pin-up art mood lately. Chainmail chicks, bikini armor, scantily clad damsels doing daring deeds, etc. Perhaps it's the corona getting to me. I just wanted something fun and light and rompy.

Why didn't I wear my Batgirl suit??

Sketch of Greenboy.

EDIT: I wanted to say something more about this drawing. A self-critique.

I like the figures just fine. I love how the girl turned out and I'm kind of stoked about the monster in the ceiling. I also love the hinted at monster in the background. I added the little detritus on the ground as an afterthought and I'm glad I did.

I don't love the purple hallway. The floor looks pretty good, I think. But the walls are kind of boring, aren't they? Maybe I should have went with a slightly different color for the walls or the floor, to contrast them.

Also, I think it needs more stuff going on. Like... more holes in the wall with green arms sticking out. Or a chest/barrel with something climbing out of it. Or perhaps our hero needs one or two companions. I'm not sure. I might do a revision of this and see what happens. Overall, I dig it. I'm moderately happy. But I could be very happy.

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