Saturday, May 9, 2020

Musical Musings: Testament: Titans of Creation

Testament: Titans of Creation

Speaking of great music. I randomly clicked on the new Testament album Titans of Creation and lemme tell ya this motherfucker rocks. It grabbed me from track one with a nice powerhouse riff and I was shocked to discover that track two was another powerhouse riff and the damn thing just kept going. After hearing the entire album I can't think of a track I would call weak. And I can name several I would call badass.

If you like thrash, this is the shit right here. And from one of the all-time great thrash bands! This is so god damn good to see.

Thematically... there are tracks about cults, nuclear annihilation (a staple of the thrash scene), and witches. I'd say this is gameable as all fuck.

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