Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Story Since 2012 (or so)

Through my life I've published a lot of books. Mostly little zines and comics. My earliest memory of doing this is roughly 1980-1982 when I was between 10 and 12. I folded pieces of paper in half (digest size) and drew comics on them, stapling them together if they were more than a single sheet. It was always some Marvel character like Spider-Man. A few years later, as I got into RPGs, I created one-sheet adventures inspired by D&D and Fantasy Forest (remember that boardgame?).

I don't have any of those anymore and only a few of them ever manifested. But that was the start.

Later, in high school, I teamed up with friends and made "proper" zines that we photocopied at a parent's workplace (stealthily on the weekend) and sold at school for 50 cents a copy. That was Fast Lane Comics, and it started me down the path of comics and self publishing that persisted steadily through the 90s and the whole Factsheet Five era. In the 2000s I transitioned more to RPGs, which I had been doing all along but not publishing. And in 2012 I dived into OSR stuff.

This pic is all the stuff I've published into print since connecting with the OSR and embracing my RPG passion more fully. I'm proud of this work and I want to do more.

Right now, I've got Black Pudding #3 and Doomslakers Adventures #3 both on the drawing table. Other projects, such as Dead Wizards and Rabbits & Rangers RPG, are stewing on the back burner.

As an aside, it would be a real brain explosion for me if I could gather up all my various printed junk from over the years. I doubt I have 50% of it in my collection as I'm a TERRIBLE HORRIBLE archivist. But to see all of it gathered into one photo would be pretty neat. And scary. Probably really god damn scary to be honest. I mean... holy crap now I'm remembering projects better left forgotten...

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