Monday, August 25, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #19


Game Date: 08-18-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Frothgar, Argus
Supporting Cast: Quilliam, Skat, and 4 armored dwarves

The team makes short work of the ten orcs that have come to investigate the noise behind them. Between Sparruu’s Bedazzling, Gul’Daryh’s arrows, and the axes of Frothgar and Argus the enemies are put down. One of them was bearing a large battle horn carved from the horn of a garilou…but he never got the chance to blow it.

It seems no other enemies heard the clash so the party moves on through the tunnel, heading north toward the slavers and, ostensibly, the meetpoint.

Stealth is dealt…a small room full of common supplies is guarded by an iron portcullis. In it are spears, shields, sacks of grains, and boxes of other supplies. Further down the tunnel is a larger chamber, also gated, full of snarling mowthgar! These short, hairy beasts begin to sniff and chomp. A spell of silence is woven to keep them quiet.

Across the hall is a stairway leading down flanked by torches and past it the stealthy Skat finds a large opening, guarded by a portcullis, holding ten frail captives…dwarves, humans, even a halfling. Apparently these are the slaves not worth sacrificing. With the help of the powerful Argus the gate is raised and the captives freed.

Meanwhile two cyclopean orcs make their way up the stairs, apparently on innocuous business. With the team lying ready the orcs don’t stand a chance.

Skat makes his way down the stairs to check out the area. He sees a door, closed. In his hurry he neglects to see that the floor is trapped in front of the doors…spikes jutting up, barely missing key vitals! Hurt but not seriously he makes his way back to the top to quickly inform the others. Argus, taking up a dead orc, rushes down the stairs to throw the corpse upon the spikes…hopefully fooling any guards into thinking their own had sprung the trap. But alas…the doors open as he approaches. He stands, dead orc in hand, with several guards staring at him. Caught red-handed he throws the body down the steps, knocking the guards to the floor. Blood from the corpse had dripped down and his footing gives way. Slipping, he tumbles down the steps.

As Argus rights himself and rushes back to the others Frothgar and crew lay a clever trap by spreading oil across the hall between the mowthgar pen and the meetpoint door…forming a channel of death! The portcullis is raised, the oil lit, and the orcs rushing to the top meet a flaming surprise. Sharp-toothed, agitated mowthgar rushing directly at them and walls of fire penning them in…

End of Episode #19

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