Thursday, August 7, 2014

Frimmsreach Episode #18


Game Date: 08-05-14
Cast: Sparruu, Gul’Daryh, Frothgar, Argus
Supporting Cast: Quilliam, Skat, and 6 armored dwarves

Having survived the orange goo the party searches the cavern and discovers several trinkets lying about, hidden under rocks and in crevices. Some of these, Quilliam surmises, appear to be of a magical nature. Could it be that the orange goo eats everything except that which is magical? Perhaps.

The crew continues forward into a larger cavern where foul orcs have made camp in the past. Sadly they discover the bodies of three dwarves…killed in the slave march for being slow or wounded. Frothgar gives them last rites and prepares the bodies to be transported so they may be laid to rest or burned respectfully at a later time.

The room opens into a different cavern, like a smaller highway merging into a larger one. Camp is made. After about 5 hours of rest they are awoken by Quilliam and Brickwallow…a large group approaches from the larger tunnel outside the cavern. Orcs! Perhaps another slaver group.

Sparruu creates an illusion to disguise the party and they quietly listen as the troupe goes by. There are 40 or perhaps 50 orcs and their captives. Two of the orcs enter the chamber to check the old campsite. They notice it has been disturbed and comment “Probably them pesky lizards.”

Sparruu and Argus both start to notice their hands are burning and glowing slightly orange…what evil lurks in their veins from the orange goo that once got inside them?

Skat, carrying a silenced stone, runs behind the orc group and spies. He learns they are indeed leading hostages…dwarves, humans, and others. They are heading to the meetpoint to regroup with Ur-Kak the Swine. There is mention again of “the damned elf”.

Plans are discussed. Attack the orcs directly? Sneak up and pick them off somehow? Push them into the deep pool that they know will be coming up soon? In the end they trail the orcs as closely as possible. When the pool is reached the orcs slow down. One of them, on a dare, sticks a toe in the water…and is immediately pulled in. The great mouthy beast the party encountered before seems to travel from pool to pool…or there are many of them.

The orcs pass the pool. The party starts to move past, the orange glow of goo lighting the dark pool. A single stalk with what looks like an eye pokes up…watching them. Sparruu and Argus feel the orange in their hands burn and glow hotter.

As they skirt past the large pool they come upon a smaller pool. Suddenly the cave gobbler strikes, bursting out of the black water and gnashing its huge mouth at Argus. The barbarian’s keen reflexes save him and the fight is on. Slashes, hacks, and tail swishing! Urfnozzle Doorbreaker is grabbed by the whipping tail and thrown into the depths of the pool. The heroes bash away at the rotund monster and Brickwallow Stormshot deals a telling blow, sinking into the pool along with the creature!

The sounds of battle have alerted the orcs. Ten cyclopean orcs are rushing back from the larger group to see what is going on…

End of Episode 18

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