Sunday, August 4, 2019

Artin' All Over Myself

I really like this old sketchbook page.
Today I have been spending a lot of time just going through art files. I have a lot of them. I have many that I forgot about drawing. Some of them are good, some bad. Some really good. And some really quite bad.

Which of course is entirely subjective, like all art.

Unsurprisingly, at least 40% of my art is in the genre of the pinup. That is to say... saucy. Sexy. Busty. Etc. I've been drawing pinup art since about 1991 when I was 21 years old.

Well... let's think about that. One of my first D&D characters was Catina, a warrior woman in a tiger skin bikini. I drew lots of pictures of her fighting and posing.

So I guess I actually started doing pinup art when I was a teen... the same time I found D&D, Tanith Lee, Conan, and girls.

Sifting through art is a great way to gauge your skills and shortcomings. I had a spell that lasted several years between 2008 and 2012 where I was cranking out shitty art. Like, some of it was just objectively bad. I was learning how to draw digitally and often falling into the pitfalls of sloppy digital work.

Turns out the secret to drawing digitally is the same as any other drawing.


  1. I am addicted to these Black Pudding Magazines! You can't get people addicted to stuff and then stop the fixes from coming! More crazy awesome BX Class's! More monsters! More More More! Take my money! Take it all!

    1. That makes me feel good. Thanks. I'll get #6 hammered out eventually. I promise.