Wednesday, December 30, 2015

DCC RPG: d7 Things Found in a Barn

This is what happens when my kids dominate my computer and drawing area and I'm sitting on the couch with paper, pencil, and pens.

Ostensibly this is for DCC RPG since nearly everything I do is based on Labyrinth Lord and I want to give DCC more love. But of course you can use it however you want.

Click here for a PDF.


  1. ok so, I don't really see a great need in my games for a What's in the barn chart BUT I really loved the way you did the chart! So....Requests for charts like it are.

    What's in this pocket?
    What's in that store?
    What are those monsters doing?
    What's this guy wanting to hire people for?
    What could go wrong now?

    or What in the heck are those crazy ungrateful blog commenters going to ask for now, chart.


    1. Yeah those are all fun ideas. I'm more likely to do a class or a monster but occasionally these random lists are good fun. If you haven't already, definitely go check The Dungeon Dozen! I highly recommend getting the book too. It's loaded with cool art.